Hello, I’m Lisa!

I am both an artist & a veterinarian. I have a partner and three beautiful dogs – who surprisingly don’t feature in as many drawings as they should. Animals, birds & wildlife tend to feature in many of my drawings. I just love capturing the life & beauty in the world surrounding us – from the tiniest bird to the most majestic of mammals, and all the dogs & animals in between! I work in graphite and high quality coloured pencils to create my drawings. For me, it is all in the eyes – I love capturing light, life and emotions.

No matter where I am in life, I will always be an artist. Drawing has followed me throughout life’s various adventures & stages, from doodling on coasters at restaurants as a child, to sketching in the wee hours of the morning through university, and eventually, to starting my own business as an Artist. It is my happy place – it both grounds me, entertains me, & helps me express myself.

As artists, sharing our creations with the world can be both an exhilarating & terribly daunting experience. It may seem silly, but somehow each work is so incredibly personal, in a way it becomes an extension of yourself. There’s a raw & intense vulnerability in showing the world what you have created. Yet, it is also something that brings incredible joy. There is nothing that makes me happier than creating an artwork that someone else enjoys – and hopefully enough to want it in their own home! It truly is such a humbling & gratifying experience.

Thank you for enjoying my art, for enabling me to follow my passion.


Lisa Kennedy

Original Artwork